TEDxStanley Park
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TEDxStanley Park


For the third edition of TEDxStanley Park, producer Roger Killen wanted to build greater awareness and coverage of his event. While last year’s event had a diverse range of speakers and sponsors, ticket sales and promotion needed improvement. SellClarity was brought in to assist with marketing strategy and automation, e-mail marketing and media exposure.

The Problem

• 2013 event only sold 100 tickets
• 2015 had 400 seats to fill
• E-mail was limited, with 100 people, most of whom had volunteered in 2013

The Solution

Through consultation and a close relationship with the marketing team, SellClarity applied a tactical strategy to resolve issues and support event growth.
Aggressive emphasis on collecting emails at every opportunity
• Popups
• Sign up buttons
• Adding visitors manually via ticket sales
• Added 200+ people on the day of the event, through sign-in prompt for access to the live stream

Advanced Segmentation

In order to make the email marketing campaign a success, the list was highly segmented into the follow groups:

  • Ticket buyers
    • Send more emails to encourage ticket sales
  • Non ticket buyers
    • User onboarding
    • Leveraging referral sales
    • Keeping them engaged after the event

After the event, TED still wanted to keep their users engaged. SellClarity developed a marketing strategy to accomplish this.

  • Post Event
    • Sent emails to keep buyer engaged and warm for next event
    • Started aggressive email collection to ensure event would sell out
    • Worked with social media manager to implement an email retargeting system in Facebook


  • Event tickets sold out
  • E-mail subscription list grew to 1000+
  • Media and digital buzz was generated

The marketing success of this event created a blueprint and strong foundation for 2016, the following year. In the fourth installment in 2016, returns to a larger venue, Queen Elizabeth Park. With the previous year’s marketing strategy to build from, this year’s event is set to sell 2, 500 tickets.

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