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Homeprohire is a marketplace for contractors and homeowners in the building industry.

The Problem: Though work order volume was high, the business was struggling to provide a sufficient contractor pool. Placements were done by telephone, at ad hoc. SellClarity developed a strategy to streamline and balance this model.

This was achieved by:

  • Building their notification system for contractor positions, integrating text message, e-mail and postcards
  • Implementing a CRM system to track opportunities, onboard contractors and generate a revenue pipeline
  • Creating a sales playbook and assisting in the hiring of the sales team
  • Developing an inside sales process to onboard contractors
  • Systems above can be replicated in new markets, without additional HQ head count


Our automation raised the contractor pool by 200%. We also cut the sales cycle from 72 hours to 4.

Other features:

  • Created and implemented an automated marketing system to onboard and activate new contractors
  • Communication is automated as orders come through, removing manual processing

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