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Andrew Seipp, Principal Consultant

The Early years

Tinkering with technology was always a favourite hobby of Andrew’s. Fortunate to have an internet connection as early as ‘93, he was hooked. He built his first webpage at age eleven and launched his online business two years afterwards.

When he was thirteen, he received a cheque in the mail from an online advertiser – the entrepreneurial rush felt fantastic. He decided to build his career on helping people harness technology, and has never looked back.

Before SellClarity: TelClarity

After entering the world of telecom, he began to notice businesses struggling to keep these expenses check. Mobile phones were provided to employees without oversight – costs in the departments were bloated. He started a business, Telclarity, to solve this pain. Through auditing and software tools, he shone a light onto redundant spending. Following this, he designed dashboards for the organization to use. He revised policies, procedures, and a notification system to keep employees and managers aligned.

Here and Now

While building Telclarity, he gained vast knowledge on marketing automation, sales automation and CRM. He built an inside sales process that could consistently land clients. His passion for telecoms became overshadowed, as he recognized the immense power of automation. After founding SellClarity as a second business, the decision to exit telecoms was clear. TelClarity was sold in August 2015.

Today, he helps companies integrate automation in marketing and sales. Businesses small and large can scale and grow exponentially. We’re excited to take you on this journey.


Sonya Reznitsky, Project Manager

A taskmaster extraordinaire, Sonya Reznitsky keeps SellClarity humming. With a background in communications, she manages design and content. Andrew’s right hand in business strategy, she also supports him in consultations and project management.

Her ability to listen to the customer and make complex things simple are her strengths.

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