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Before we get started

Truth is, we can’t help everyone. Here’s who we can serve the best.

  • You’ve got some headcount (not a one man band)
  • You have resources to invest in company growth
  • You’ve proven your product has a market, you’ve got some sales underway and are focused on b2b
  • Long term projects typically allow us to do our best work. Sales processes takes some time to apply and perfect.
  • Although implementations are generally quick, the long term value for you comes with continuous improvement. Success rarely happens overnight, so it’s best to approach this with patience.
  • Sounds about right? Here’s how we roll.


    Step 1: Discovery Call

    We dive into the nitty gritty and learn about your operations and your pains. This is our chance to see if we can help you. Let’s call it our first date.


    Step 2: The Assessment

    We like what we see and there’s chemistry. Now we look under the hood in more detail. Set aside an afternoon for this one.

    We’ll then design two action plans for you: one 90 day, and one for a full year. If you want us to be your vendor, great. If not, no hard feelings. This one’s billable.


    Step 3: Kickoff

    This is when we put the plan into action. It’s time to roll out our strategies. This is when the engine starts moving.


    Step 4: The Check Up

    As confident as we may be, there’s no such thing as perfect. This is where we iron out the kinks and look for bottlenecks.


    Step 5: Lift Off

    We’ve set you on your feet and the rocket’s flying high. If you ever need ground control, we’re still here for you.


    What Our Clients Say

    We have some exciting projects under our belt. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us.

    Andrew Seipp served TEDxStanleyPark as the Marketing Automation Manager.  In the months leadingRogerKillen_1 up to the event, Andrew worked tirelessly to set up automated email lists and systems. This event was held on May 23, 2015 to rave reviews. His reasoned thinking, limitless energy, positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm made Andrew a great team-mate. I am thrilled that Andrew was part of the TEDxStanleyPark team.

    Roger Killen, producer and president, TEDxStanley Park


    Hussein3--1When you want to figure out how to grow and want to work with a master professional who can simplify the complex, Andrew is the best person for the job. I have worked with him multiple times as part of the marketing team of TEDxStanleyPark. He is reliable, supportive, collaborative, and delivers great results.

    Hussein Hallak, Co-Founder of Breakthrough Academy


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