5 big mistakes most businesses make when trying to automate their marketing
20 Oct 2014

5 big mistakes most businesses make when trying to automate their marketing

20 Oct 2014

Marketing automation is awesome, but often goes awry. In my experience, here’s where most projects go wrong

  1. No plan.

    If you don’t have a strategy, a plan and something mapped out using a mind map or flow chart, you’re wasting your time…and money.

  2. Analysis paralysis.

    Plan, but don’t over plan. Start with easy stuff like automating new posts when a blog post goes out, or just do simple stuff like sending out simple campaigns. Don’t get into the complex stuff like lead scoring until you’ve learned the ropes a bit.

  3. Buy a Ferrari when they need a Toyota.

    I see this all the time. Someone rushes out to buy software like Infusionsoft before they’ve even made a plan. In reality, these tools are so complicated (and expensive) they hurt rather than help a lot of companies. I can’t blame them, the sales people for these companies are very persuasive, but often in the excitement of buying a lot of entrepreneurs….

  4. Forget that they need to have a business.

    Automating things without a solid business model doesn’t work. And a website isn’t a business. Before you automate things you need to have a solid grasp of your unique selling proposition.

  5. Forget the offline world.

    Did you know that more than 50% of my list consist of people who I’ve met in person? Guess who my most engaged readers are. It’s not that difficult either, most of mine are added by snapping a picture of my business card.

Look, the power of marketing and sales automation is amazing, but it has an extremely bad rap because many companies simply don’t take the right steps before jumping in.

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